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4.97 out of 5 | 451 Reviews

You don’t realize how many things you own until you decide to move. True, isn’t it?

Figuring out where to start, how to pack, and move can be daunting. We have put together some of the best tips to make your moving day easy, quick, and less frustrating. 

How to move:

Haven't used it in a year? Is it out of style? It doesn't fit anymore? Get rid of it. A crucial tip is to make sure you don't end up moving things you no longer need—cutting down on clutter before the packing lightens your workload and stress.

Order your boxes, tapes, bubble wrap, basically everything that you require for packing. Invest in quality moving boxes. The last thing you want is your box falling apart while moving. Want us to take care of it? Call us at (604) 259-2491.

Do not procrastinate and try to pack everything on the night before. Pick a room and start packing ahead of time, and strictly NO packing on moving day. Call us at (604) 259-2491 to know more about our packing services.

Booking your move 3-5 weeks ahead is an ideal time to secure your date. Get your free estimate here or call (604) 259-2491.

Put together all the items you will need to access during your move and right after you have arrived at your new place, such as important documents, medications, chargers, and basic toiletries.

How to pack for a move:

While packing, use small boxes to pack heavy items like books and big boxes to pack light ones like linen and pillow.

Don't overfill your boxes, and don't leave empty spaces. Fill the gaps with packaging paper or clothing to prevent shifting around during the move.

Avoid mixing items from different rooms in the same box. This way, unpacking will be a lot easier.

Tape your boxes well and label them with the room it is destined for, describe their contents, and label boxes that require extra care as fragile. 

Don't take your clothes off the hanger; group them and wrap them in large bin liners.

Best advice for moving day

Finish packing well in advance—that's one less thing to worry about on the day of the move.

Keep your Certificates, passports, jewelry, medicines, and other valuables with you. Don't pack them with other boxes.

Rushing on moving day will only add to more stress if things get damaged or forgotten. Be diligent and don't rush.

Before leaving, do a final walk-through. Keep an eye out for anything you might have forgotten.

Our Goal Is To Hustle For Your Peace Of Mind.
We’re a professional local moving company created to move more than just your boxes. We’ll move you with our hard work and genuine smiles.

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